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The construction industry, with its conventional way of construction, is responsible for 30 to 40 % of today’s consumption of both resources and energy as well as for about 40 % of today’s waste generation and CO2 emission. In a context of global developments such as resource depletion, urbanisation and global warming, the construction industry is thus facing the biggest challenge in its history. If the industry fails to transition into a future low on emissions and waste, we might face the worst scenario. Against this background, Hubert Rhomberg, Managing Director of Rhomberg Group, has initiated a research project aiming at developing an innovative and sustainable construction system.

The result is Construction 4.0® and is based on three pillars: wood as building material, the cybernetic table and the Internet of Things. In contrast to common construction planning, with Construction 4.0® all persons involved in the construction do the planning together “at one table” in terms of both dimension and time.

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We are facing the biggest challenge in the history of the construction industry. And that’s the good news.

Hubert Rhomberg is a qualified civil engineer and, as Managing Director of Rhomberg Holding GmbH in the fourth generation, controls the fate of international Rhomberg Group with its base in Bregenz, Austria. In addition to his operating business activities, he also initiates research projects (BRIX, Building of Tomorrow, LifeCycle Tower) and gives lectures on resource productivity, mobility and sustainable economic management. Hubert Rhomberg is married with 3 children and lives in Vorarlberg.

In his book “Construction 4.0: From the Ego to the Lego Principle”, Mr. Rhomberg outlines the most important insights which have led to the development of Construction 4.0®. Unlike relevant specialised literature, Mr Rhomberg writes coherently and comprehensibly, and illustrates his knowledge with simple analogies, verbal images and humour. Titles such as “The forgotten lifestyle”, “The cybernetic table” and “DNA of construction” shake the foundations of outdated visual habits and ways of thinking; moreover, they focus on an area where our retrocession begins: our thinking.

The book is a guide to the future of construction, a long overdue compendium on the change of thinking.

We are moving from the atmosphere to the biosphere. Will you come with us?

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